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I always put my classmates back in high school in the top list this time. Lucky, as we were and as we are right now, internet thing have helping us connecting the time that we used to share our laughter and tears. The constant communications I am having with them brings so much youthful joy in my face the moment I read their messages on our batch website. These are the only pictures I'd gather so far among of my classmates in high school....I'm still waiting for the next day before somebody from them would find their way to our batch website and share their pictures.
You can see how innocent our faces were, which back those times life was so simple , and unspoiled. Happiness of those times were purely uncomplicated. Back when our Alma mater Olongapo City National High School was built for building a greater future to those who will dreams and reach their ambitions in life.
Back then our lives weren't polluted by politics nor for personal gains but being shaped with pure and refine education. Back when our simple joys and happiness weren't dictated much by technology, but purely given by our teachers, peers, friends and classmates.
These faces would always remain a gold painted art in my life as we continue to count the years, months, weeks, and days of our memories back in high school before it will totally buried of forgotten and times.
Permit me to post our class pictures individually here and see who's the youngest and the fairest of them all....just joking...love these people.

Yours truly now and then

Charielyn Estabaya, a classmate in 2nd year

Celia Gardon, my classmate back in 2nd year

Jhun trance my classmate in 4th year

Ronaldo Caser my classmate in 3rd year

Rodel Martinez -classmate back in 2nd year

Peter de Guzman-classmate, back in 3rd year

Marivi de Leon-classmate in 3rd year

Maritess Andrade my classmate back in 2nd year

Joel Barrera my 4th year classmate

Ariel Mijares 4th year classmate

Clemens Perenia -  my classmate back in 2nd year.

Eugene Ebreo -  my classmate back in 3rd year. 

Jojo Tualla -  my classmate back in 3rd year. 

Joseph Eric Calma -  my classmate back in 3rd year. 

Richard Tingson -  my classmate back in 3rd year. 

Romeo Timkang - my classmate back in 3rd year. 

All pics were taken at OCNHS Batch 90 site.

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