By Eric - 5:44 PM

1. You have a right to be happy today.
But first have a reason to get out of bed.
2. Stretch yourself and go after your goals.
Even if others consider them to be too ambitious to accomplish.
3. Be sure others have a clear picture of the journey.
No one can follow a confused map.
4. Try to be transparent, clear and truthful.
Even when it is difficult. Above all, when it is difficult.
5. Lying is upsetting.
Believing you becomes very tedious.
6. Spend an entire day caring for others.
You will be surprised.
7. You build a reputation in twenty years.
You destroy it in five.
8. Little acts of unkindness do not kill.
They simply create the next criminal.
9. If you want others to listen to you,
Listen to them.
10. When we talk, both of us end up winners.

(Source: Codered magazine)

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