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I'm back again from a couple of days- absenting in blogging. This month has been a special for me, not just because its Valentines but its my birthday as well. I have been spending my birthday with my blog for 4 years by now, and it has been my constant companion and a shock absorber thing which I can simply release my innermost ill-thought.
I didn't expect that my co-teachers would just took me out at Paseo de Sta.Rosa for a simple dinner on the day of my Birthday itself. Before we had our Birthday-Valentines dinner, a palatable potluck was done right after we got out from the church. Food contributions from friends and fellow teachers was served as it was a big occasion.
As we were letting the food to be grinned after we ate, watching an inspirational movie was the next moved that we did to pass the time. Indeed, it was a refreshing day so as transformational of the soul. The movie was a Christian inspired story combating the giants that we are facing each day. It teaches us where to go and to bend our knees when circumstances hit us painfully. Surprisingly, life is tight and filled with emptiness that sometimes you need satisfy yourself from the unsatisfactory life physically and financially.
This "Facing the Giant" movie was funded and screened by a Christian Church somewhere in USA. I recommended this movie to everyone, especially to those who are heart-fainted spiritually.

According to a movie critic:
"As a result, the message is very clear and God-centered. And yet, even though the inexperienced acting sometimes shows, the spirit of everybody involved permeates every scene of the movie.
One caution that I would have is that because every little detail in the movie turns out positively as a result of trusting God, it might be easy for the viewer to think that if they just trust God hard enough and give Him their best, then everything will turn out just right. But in the end, there are thousands of couples that are trusting God, but may never have children. There are thousands of Christian athletes who trust God and will never play for a state championship. Every ministry is filled with volunteers and employees that drive beat-up vehicles and that will never be given a brand new truck. Yet, the message of the movie should still remain the same for these people as well. God is in control. So trust Him. "

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