By Eric - 12:22 AM

Daydreaming is one of my favorite pastimes. I tried to relish it in a serene privacy to a certain peace and quite place so that I could fully concentrate well. Picturing myself living in a dream place with the undisturbed slopes of the world is truly a perfect time for daydreaming.
Bombarded with so much pressure in the work, political issues, economic crisis, etc. can cruelly tear you down both the emotions and physical.
More than a decade now, I have been plainly rejected and declined by applying abroad.My patience has been tested and the good thing about me is that I never retreat nor surrender. I'm not that strong neither a weak.
I am truly fascinated and happy at the same time seeing my friends back then who successfully made their luck abroad. Almost of them are settling in USA and some of them are partly living in the Middle East.
My daydreaming is still lives on and it wouldn't be drifted till the good break leaps me to a places I long to see. I am already worn out and bored staying in the country without any hopes and assurance. The only simple pleasure I have is checking our batch website in the net every now and then, peeping out what's new and who's newly registered among of my classmates or batchmates in high school.
It's the only recreations I have to eradicate boredoms and monotonous life. Sometimes my updating of this blog takes time before I came to a point of plunging my fingers to type whatever ideas I have.
This is the kind of life I have in right now, yet, I controlled myself of not whining too much as the Lord would certainly sad and refuse to pour out His blessings. Well, that's the life we have in this sinful world.

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