By Eric - 4:55 AM

Class section-8, batch 89-90.

I was unable to update my blog from its last entry, it's been a hectic days since we are now in the new set of challenges. It was honestly the longest gap I had in blogging, nonetheless, I'm back in the blog circulations now.
The title of my blog today sounds a first step of a journey, as if it just hasn't felt like I have never been this far. Updating myself to this high tech right now leads me to a far distance that I have never been to. I love recalling the good old days, especially (my) high school days. The sweet memories I had back then kept on playing repeatedly in particular that my constant communications with my classmates and batchmates are steadily progressing.
My gratitude finally reached for the script of what I was to say that a possible meetings would ultimately comes to reality. I really thanks the section-1 for creating a batch website which purposely created just for their section only. Nevertheless, it was decided to open to all the batch of '89-90. The site becomes our playground everyday, exchanging notes peppered with reminiscing the happy yesteryears.
Our class picture was posted as if we've only just begun. Viewing the picture with those innocently naive faces brought so much smiles on my face, feeling like we just started from the start. Believe me, of all the pictures I have with me, my class picture is the distinction of having had the most internal drama and a wistful nostalgia. The picture came with sparks.
The messages that I have been continually receiving from them has been greatly encouraging. Our batchsite is growingly more impressive, it's like a wildfire that spread rapidly. I am greatly thankful to the section-1 for giving us a way of hope that we could possibly reconnect the past.
Tales of friendship in high school days are also intrinsic part in my life. I always believe that these high school friends I have are the wool I keep in the December of my life. Somewhere along the way, the nook of friendship that was built when I was in Jackson is a proof enough that, indeed, I made a history in those beautiful late 80's days.

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