Photo Diary: Cambodian Foodies Part 3

By Eric - 7:00 AM

Unable to update for a couple of days, seems like my blog is as dry as the Sahara desert. I had thought I can keep posted in here every now and then.
I am not a superman that I can do both, teaching and blogging at the same time. Well, busyness has taken my time to bring up-to-date my blog and worrying of the plans that might not be working according to God's will. Gladly, plot has normally granted by the Most High and I couldn't believe that He did. This has been the biggest petition I have been asking Him apart from Europe and trekking to the nearby neighbors of Asia.
It has been a routine now that I keep on posting photos of Cambodian foods, had nothing to complain which is very apparent that I am in Cambodia. What else do I need to post here but partially foodies for now, and later on will features something greater than this.
Herewith, are some of the Khmer foods that you can usually eat and some part of it are a bit twist of Korean dish.

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