Photo Diary: Cambodian Foodies - Part 2

By Eric - 8:34 AM

Lately, I posted handful pictures of Khmer foods or simply called Cambodian cuisine. Herewith, are among the generic Cambodian pabulums that are strongly recommended by all. Some of which are inventively Korean but with a Cambodian twist.
Before your eyes would start feasting, let me name some of it with the hope you'd love Khmer foodies as I do too.

Lotus stems cooked with Coconut milk.

Korean Kimchi with a bit twist of Cambodian style.

Cambodian noddles with vegetables.

Cucumber Kimchi - Cambodian style.

Fried potatoes with carrots and a bit of mushroom.

Hard boiled eggs stew.

Fried noodles with vegetables with a cold Vanilla creme' shake.

Another fried noodle with vegetables.

Ripe Banana and jellos cooked with sweetened Coconut milk.

Tofu noodle vegetable soup.

Fried Bean Sprout with Chicken (this wasn't my food, çoz I am a vegetarian)

Fried Mushrooms.

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