Photo Blog: A Paired Birthday Fete

By Eric - 7:43 AM

My posts have been stuffed with photograph of foodies these days - but this time, a dual birthday celebrations were taken place. Two of my girl besties here in Siem Reap - Cambodia were commemorating their birthdays on the same month and on a sequential days. Foodstuff weren't only flooded but snapping a pic was the first thing that came to mind as a tangible proof just to document every jovial memories, just like any other typical undemanding celebration.

It won't be long or partly so, I wouldn't be able to see these people as I am embarking to a farther journey in (a)far-flung place. Seizing the opportunity of being with them while I still can is desirable, so as candid shots were highly done beforehand. Of course, selfying and all that was applied since it is already a fad nowadays.

The occasions was celebrated in different locations. Firstly, we had a simple dine out at the famous vegetarian resto in Siem Reap, secondly was simply done at a famous resto-cafe along the center of Siem Reap. What can I say? blessings poured out as never before. Thanks to my LG (Optimus) cellphone, I could barely document every occasion, occurrence, places and people one day at a time.

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