Photo Blog: Phnom Penh - Common Sightseers

By Eric - 8:06 AM

This is the continuation of my photo diary during my holiday trip in the capital city of Cambodia - Phnom Penh. There's nothing much to see around.
The city is big and pretty similar to Manila except the buildings in Manila are pretty high and huge. Well, these are all the pixies that I took when I went there.

A common food stall restos in the capital city.

Family gathered together for their nightly meal.

A not so healthy foodies..sorry, as vegetarian, eating this fried meaty foods aren't advisable.

I would love to eat these fresh Spring Rolls, if it weren't for the crab meat and shrimps inside added.

Foods that I dislike to eat.

Food being ordered by my friend.

A busy night market in PP.

Young girl selling Lotus flowers at the gate of the temple.

I saw this midget asking for alms.

A woman shamelessly taking her shower in the middle of the park.

Inside in a temple with a friend.

A novice monk, whom I had a shorty talk.

The hostel where I was staying.

Hostel lobby area.

Stairway up to the temple in the middle of the city.

devout Buddhists.

 Gigantic candles.

Money being offered to Buddha.

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