Me, Myself and My Dreams

By Eric - 1:17 AM

At the end of any sports or games, what will matter is the score of winning. Every players would do their best and it is their ultimate goal is winning  the championship. Any person has a dream, it's just a matter of how making it real and achieving it the way we want it too from the simplest to the most unimaginable.
Dreams can be realities, it can remain a dream forever when people dream  they will do their best to realize it. As matter of fact, I worked hard just to achieve my dreams & even face the most possible obstacle.
I have reached the countries which I thought would not be possibly granted by the Lord. However, at times you have to suffer and apply the instinct of survival.
My dream is getting out from poverty this is why I am determined of going abroad to sacrifice for my family & to fulfill my dreams as well. It may not that easy but they are all so worth rejoicing.

Old Town - Warsaw Poland

Mazowiecki , Poland

Walled city of the Old Town Warsaw - Poland

For the meantime, I'm still tuning in and trying to work out my patience again waiting for that big chance which the Lord has prepared for me just as He keeps His silence. I've got a lot opportunities in hand which I thought was for me, knowing that it pushes me to test the water with my foot instead of going down both of my feet.
Yet, the fear of anticipating of something that you don't know & disagreeable of what I want is a battle that I need to prepare about. My status right now is afloat, no definite directions though I have plans being printed yet, all of which are in vain.
Truly, I have this disgruntled feeling of God because all of the questions that I have been asking pertaining all of these failures that I've got so far has no answered.
If I could just doing it on my own freely, I would have been gone abroad by now. The reality is no longer vague to me that I should have worked doubly for my family and for my future next travel.

Bangkok  Thailand with the novice young monks

One day trip in Macau

Italian inspired fountain in Macau

Temple in Ban Rai - Thailand

Stanley Boulevard - Hongkong

Twin Tower of Petronas - Kuala Lumpur

Batu Cave - Kuala Lumpur

Pictures here are just all memories I had abroad about me, myself and my dreams. The very first step of achieving one's goal is to start dreaming and making it real.

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