What I have Done and I Haven't Done

By Eric - 2:52 AM

Huh! Life has been so hard, when you can't see the finish line ahead of you, it's easier to quit instead of keep going. The race of life is no different. Sometimes, it seems too long and too hard & all you want to do is giving up.
When we are at the end of our rope, we long for God to rescue us. But we could never experience the thrill of being rescued if we didn't experience trouble & hopelessness. I am honestly broken and acknowledging  that I could not fix it on my own but longing for some help from above with the hope rescue would come sooner before I gets drown to a worst depression.
So much sharing of tidbits sentiment of life, let me amuse myself of what I have just done in life overseas and things I haven't done yet, but wish of trying them one day.

1.  I have spent New Year in Singapore's immigration office as the first foreigner & the first one being held & interrogated on the welcoming of the eve's day. My stuff were scanned and checked intently so as the bus that I took from Kuala Lumpur left me. But I haven't experienced being in a restricted & censored country to visit like EritreaCubaUzbekistanSyria.

2. I have ridden a cow, horse and a water buffalo(in the Philippines) an elephant when I was in Thailand, but I haven't ridden an ostrich which I long to try one day.

3. I have traveled one day in Macau & explore the most sought Hotel, Park & Shopping spree in one - The Venetian, but I haven't tried visiting Macau Sky Tower Jump where the highest Bungee Jumping in the world is. Well, this one is out of my To-Do-List, 'coz I have fear of heights..won't dare to do it, would I?

4. I have been to Poland, Hungary - will include the transit flights & airports visited like Ukraine, Amsterdam, but I haven't been to other European countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc.

5. I have visited the Concentration Camps in Auschwitz where millions of Jews and other Europeans being murdered by the Nazi led by Adolf Hitler himself. It was the first thing that came into my list when I learned that I'd be flying for Poland. Poland is known for the killing fields of the Jews. To include, I have visited the factory of Oscar Schindler - if you happened to watch the movie "Schindler's Lists" then it's really true, I was there. But I haven't been to Israel, I really dream of going there and checking myself the remains of the Bible artifacts & the places where Jesus had gone to.

6. I have experienced Four Seasons (at last), to describe it - it's like the cycle of life, trust me. But I haven't experienced a snow storm nor its snowing throughout the year. South Pole or Antarctica is part of the places in the world that I wish to see.

7. I have taught foreign students since 2006 mentioning, Indonesian, Brazilian, African, Cambodian, Thai, Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish and half - Briton, but I haven't encountered American or Australian nor Canadian students, I know deep in my heart - it won't happen, they don't need me to teach them about English grammar..

8. I have talked and encountered monks & even the novice one up close, & made a little tete a tete and we laughed while taking pictures. But I haven't encountered a Jesuit, I wanted to meet one.

9. I have eaten Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, American, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Russian and Polish food but I haven't tried eating exotic foods (though I did like a frog in Olongapo) like worm, wooden cockroach, grasshopper, scorpion, and other which we could see them freshly served from the kitchen in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

10. I have made friends around not only locally but internationally as well and so proud that I am still in contact with them, thanks to Facebook that keeps us updated always. But I haven't met some of them personally, yet, by just clicking of a mouse that would make us closer as if we have met once in person. Just posting the pixies of my foreign friends here, expressing how lucky am I to have them as pals & keeping me company & helping me to feel at home while I'm away from home. Though we are separated by seas but then that won't make us different regardless of our skin colors, race, beliefs, etc. 'coz that's what friends are for.
Paulina from Poland

Teacher Magda, my co-teacher and a close pal.

Cherry from Jamaica.

Robert from Poland and Dianne from Jamaica on their wed.

Ewa Jurek originally from Poland but lives in Italy

Terry co-teacher in Poland, from Jamaica

Constance, an SDA friend whom I just met in the christian dating site.

Miriam Silva originally from Portugal, whom I just met online

Joseph from Korea..my student and a close pal too.

Kasia, co-teacher in Poland and a good friend.

Couple missionaries in Thailand from Scotland who served as my mentor.

Genevieve from a French speaking area in Canada whom I just met online 

Devin from Canada the one that I hosted in Thailand.

Fellow backpackers that I met in Malaysia

Kasia, Susanne and Urs from Europe,,are good buddies

Martin from Switzerland..

My head teacher in Thailand and a kind family.

Helena from Poland

Eko from Indonesia..

Ken from Kenya

Ajarn Somchai from Thailand

Anita originally from Rwanda but a Pinoy by heart.

Artur from Germany, we used to chat things about life

Nina from Russia

Nestor from Argentina

Ryan Pool from Alaska

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