It's A Hard Life

By Eric - 10:33 PM

Life is hard, it really is. Some might not completely trust me with this, but I could feel it and I am with it and I'm experiencing it myself. I don't need to be visible and show my tears of agony proving that I am right but the pain of life's hardship is within crushing me deeply. People might have seen me smiling and laughing, yet, down inside is I'm battered and crying quietly.

February is ending quickly just as the usual months that passed by normally & it seems that nothing happens in my life as I expected it to. I just pray for the strength to endure difficulties, however, seemingly God is closing His ears on me. Been tired of waiting and hoping when there's no seems to hope for.
I have no proper job for 8 months now and my old folks keeps on their knees wishing that I could make it one or so before it's long due. 
So exhausted of anticipating much of my applications that I sent abroad through online,yet, none one has to care of telling me if I'd the chance of getting the slot or not.
I'm still a bit busy and earning a little but all of which are just ample for my personal needs. Long before this update, I just had celebrated my birthday on the Valentine's day, and still I did it normally just as it were from my previous ones. It was a lonely one I had because - like what I said, I don't have a proper job till now. I couldn't make any formal nor have it myself done in style. Yet, thanks to friends for the greetings and Mike O. for the cake.
That reminds me of my birthday celebration in Warsaw, friends back there were the ones who prepared something for me since I kept it hid.

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