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One of the memories I had for one year stayed in Thailand was travelling down south of Bangkok, Pattaya. It is also one of the hottest places in Thailand for western tourists since its pretty close to Bangkok and not so expensive comparing to Phuket.
The pride in Pattaya is the beaches which are not an impressive so to speak,however, westerners doesn't care about it at all. There's so much to see outside of Pattaya city if you'll not enjoy the beaches, there's Noong Nooch tropical garden and other tourist spots. My trip to Pattaya was unplanned, and it took me courage to decide since I was just fresh from my trip in Hongkong and that trip really cost me an arm and a leg. Going to Pattaya wasn't a long trip from Bangkok, there's no traffic and there's a lot of cheaper places to stay if you are in a budgeted trip.

A lone boatwoman

Not so busy floating market...

Indians inspired Noongnooch tropical garden.

rounded stones, as they said intentionally made for the King.

even the cottages are not good but old and some were already tattered.

Faces that mattered .....Pattaya beach.

My first Thai jetski ride...

Thai street vendor in Pattaya beach....

Pattaya's floating market is better than of that famous market in Damnoen Saduak, its not crowded, its big and so much to see.

You'll surely enjoy Pattaya's floating market, though its quite expensive especially for foreigners..

delicious Thai traditional food.

Floating houses that's connected to another houses.

I was freshly arrived from Hongkong and my friends in Bangkok invited me to get along with them.

we ruled that day....since it happens once.

we visited this park for its famous golden buddha curved on a rocky mountain.

My first elephant ride in life....

I believed that we Filipinos can make a better one than this in Thailand...why don't we make one, even foreign tourists came to see and appreciated this garden.

My first photograph...I mean serious of taking photos....Pattaya, Thailand.

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