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As New Year's eve was approaching, I knew that I'd be celebrating it somewhere else since my boss already booked a hotel beforehand for us somewhere at the Northern part of Thailand.
Well,this has been my first New Year celebration abroad too, just as the Christmas eve.Our boss took us at Pai,I guess the coldest place of Thailand way ahead of Chiang Mai city.
We left our place early 8 in the morning and drove almost 8 hours headed up to the North.Sitting on the van was actually a really awesome condition for a good sleep(not me) with all those shaking and warm temperature going on so as got me the chance of seeing different places of the northern Thailand.
It has been a tradition for the classy and middle class Thai people to welcome the New Year up north or somewhere else around Thailand, but usually at the northern part.It took us 5 stop over (I guess) with some travellers headed north, which I just found out that some of them were heading to the same place that we went to.
The road going to the north was quite good and its almost jammed with vacationeer cars.
On the way to Pai was a thrilling drive since the road going there is a zigzag and prone to accident as well.The road was a bit dusky because it's enveloped with trees and untouched suroundings.
Pai is a small community, embraced by rolling mountains and enveloped in natural setting that is fresh and beautiful. The atmosphere is clean, pure, quiet and warmly welcoming. The different ethnic groups, the people of plains and the people of the mountains have blended together there to form a unique set of cultural traditions.
The citizens of Pai live their with a spirit of generosity and a sense of community. Yet at the same time, the remoteness of the region makes travel to and from Pai difficult because its an isolated place too. I really do love Pai.It's a nice and the weather is perfectly good for me.Talking about "Farangs" as the Thai called us foreigners, Pai was also known to white foreigners as well.
I saw a handful of white foreigners around the town of Pai, enjoying the cold weather and the natural old Thai settings.
My happiness was completed for this year, though I spent New Year a seas away from home..What else can I ask for? Just grateful to the Lord that it was a great welcoming of the year 2010 for me.

A busy night street of Pai...

A breathtaking scenic view of Pai mountain...the fog contributes more beauty of the nature while it speaks its natural beauty.

A cozy room that we Pai.

traditional store as my boss at the back buying something.

As we strolled around the busy night shopping street of Pai.

a bright morning just as the sun trying to warm us.

Gazeebo..a European style of sort.

matching my sweatshirt's color to the trolley....if you wish to fall in love..just visit Coffee in Love surely do fall in love the place.

Lunch break at the Chinese resto located at Pai's old Chinese small village.

Leaning against the rock with Chinese writing on it(I dunno what does it means)

Chinese old hut.....

Busy,crowded,and traffic street at Pai Chinese village.

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