By Eric - 10:09 PM

My ultimate travel and experienced in the north of Thailand was unforgettable. So this is the continuation of my adventure up north (of Thailand).
One of our New Year's adventure was trekking around the hotspots of Pai Maehonsong. After we spent a day and a night shopping around the proper town of Pai - we headed up to the highest peak of the place which we spent the New Year's eve. As expected, the road going up was a series of short sharp turns which equally interiored with undenuded trees.
Upon reaching the mountain, we were in the instance of hardly finding a spot to put up our tents just as the place was overcrowded with kindred vacationists.
Lucky as we were, within a minute or two - we blissfully found enough space to set up our tents. To my amazement, my homesickness was practically slipped by for a moment as my eyes were being googled by the unspoilt beauty of the mountain. Both sides of the mountain is surrounded by fascinating wildlife & pristine forest. The ancient lush forest with huge timeless rubber trees, amazing green scenery, and deep silence and serenity made me feel to relax at once.
Freezing cold wind causally made us to shiver when it touches us, untiring breathtaking views continued to make us on awed while we didn't stop appreciating the beauty of the nature and taking pictures.

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