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This Chiang Mai trip was a part of our New Year's eve adventure in the north. On the 1st day of January 2010, we went down to Chiang Mai to spend another night and a day to seize the exciting trip...before we check-in to the hotel and rest for a while, we took a side trip to Queen Sirikit's Botanical Garden which is a drive away outside the main city.

It's the biggest botanical garden I've ever seen so far...we never toured around the entire garden but just visited the main heart of the garden.
I saw various species of plants which some were very common to me. Our boss paid the entrance, and I decided to buy herbal made cologne.

Second Destination-Kitsada Doi

After we spent a couple of hours in Queen Sirikit's Botanical Garden,we visited another captivating and lush garden just half an hour from Botanical garden.
It's one of the interesting places to visit in Chiang Mai, and one of the popular destinations for locals since it was decidedly opened to the public.
Warm lights crowns the tops of the tree as the afternoon sun spills across the manicured lawns and neat surrounding of Kitsada compound.
Not far away, at the gate- aromas of the flowers around the place scattered lightly through the air, blending together in the assortment colors of the flowers for the eyes to appreciate.
The area was covered with dazzling flowers offering the scenic view of pink color among the sea mist. Kitsada Doi as they called it, is just outside Chiang Mai and 30 minutes by drive.
I couldn't believed that it was exactly the same just as the usual wall posters being sold in the Philippines . Well, I can proudly say to my friends back home that I saw the place. My co-teacher and I took the chance of roving around taking pictures that we can as much as our boss gave us the moment to enjoy...well, where you could find a boss who's kind enough to take us to some places in the north by free?

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