By Eric - 10:44 PM

Life has been so tight this time,prices of oil,gas,and prime commodities soaring high.Sometimes you unavoidably asked yourself,what life will be like tomorrow;in the future?
I'm losing my hope to the government,but not to my country dear Philippines.Working abroad has always been a dream for me since then,just looking around makes me so discouraged and sad.
With a meager salary,fewer jobs in industry,sets the gap between rich and poor.Worrying about what would be the future holds,the closer I plans to get seems to be tougher.Staying still as Bachelor's makes me to push for a can I plan seriously,if life in this country liken to be a great roller coaster on a moonless night?
As I count the years as months,and counts the months as week, and count the weeks as days,the more life is getting complicated.
There are many possible destinations and routes to each destination.Sometimes we need to be vigilant thus onlookers of what lies ahead.We need to survive the currents,storms and reefs to be dealt with,but we can sail our ship to where we want it to go.
The Filipinos has been battling the odds economically since the coming of Spaniards,down to the present governments.I felt like boarding on a boat sailing on a mighty river,interchange every now and again on a ride along parallel or divergent tracks to the same destination.
Up to now,Filipinos haven't experienced the bed of roses what Senator Dick Gordon said: "What this country needs is not the change of men,but the change in Men."

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