By Eric - 9:51 PM

last friday June 27,2008-Olongapo city celebrated its 42nd cityhood Anniversary.I didn't know that Gapo(as we called it for short) had gone so far in the state of being independent,self-governing from Zambales and the controlling unit of Americans.
The historic journey of the city from a small fishing villages in Subic to one of the most awarded highly urbanized cities in the Phils. brings Olongapo a marked of changed.
Olongapo is a small multifarious city or having great regional diversity.Flocks from different walks of life,distinct dialects to language that evidently makes the city progressive.Through the effort of the late Mayor Richard Gordon Sr.,Olongapo had set free and open its wings to soar high.
From a conspicously glaring criticism to a monicker Sin city to Scene city,from the ashes of Mt.Pinatubo and the teary dramatic pullout of US Bases,Olongapo had fought on and managed to hold on to the ground firmly as it is.
It survives from the test of time,still Gapo competes the rigid race of the world.I can't wait any longer to see my home and be a part of its success and survival.....
Mabuhay Olongapo............

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