My Trip to Baguio

By Eric - 10:32 PM

I still clearly remember my first trip in Baguio last December 2006.That was my first time to spend the yuletide season away from my akin.
The trip I had last 2006 at Baguio wasn't mainly emphasizing on tour around the Pine city but a Youth Spiritual Conference.Practically, we stayed most likely in teacher's Camp throughout the 2 weeks.
Nonetheless, we tried to sneak out in the midst of the Conference just to find out how beautiful Baguio was.
My propensity of inclination to travel ignited once more when my cousin that just works in Baguio invited us to spend most of the weekend there.
We chose to leave 11 pm in Pasay-Victory Liner Bus Station so that we can arrive in Baguio early morning of 5.Time expected to arrive by 5 wasn't met, because the road traverses to Marcos highway densely filled or covered with thick fog which the driver was hardly to see through the way up to Baguio.
The foothills nor the mountains can't speak the coldness of the morning, due to the garment of fogs worn over the Pine city. I haven't seen such a fog bank or mass of thick fog during the rainy season as thick as that in Baguio.
At the immediate moment of our arrival in Baguio we decided to look a place to stay in for awhile since we lost contact to our cousin.We found one that wasn't a so expensive hotel, so to speak.
We stole some quite moments to take some snapshots early morning as the freezing wind shooing the shrouding fog to clear the city.
I continue to demand steadily of prioritizing Camp John Hay as our primary destination since its the only place in Baguio I haven't visited, yet, on the contrary, it was the second to the last place we had stopped.
We had our sumptuous lunch in "little John Hay resto" before we went to Hotel Manor, the extravagant hotel in Camp John Hay.
The hotel that we had checked in was adjacent to Burnham Park and 500 meters away from SM.Baguio is the third shopping spree in main Luzon because of its affordable and known to be the ukay-ukay capital of the Philippines or wag-wagan by Ilocanos.
Looking for some good quality of ukay-ukay yet affordable? hit Baguio as a place for digging imported clothes while chilling out.
Honestly, Baguio is already a crowded, moderately polluted city, however, you won't feel any stress because of the relaxing and soothing weather.I think one way to stress out all the casualty and causative is to try the healing wonders of "weather therapy".Especially those worry-warts, consider Baguio as a healing place to freeze the anxiety and break the frozen ice of misfortunes in life.
As we were climbing aboard, a veteran Philippine Actress who usually plays the villain, a pure mestiza former Miss Philippines was also a fellow passenger.She seated in front of our seats.It's because we recognized her, we politely asked for a picture which I personally approached here in a certain.
Conceitedly she responded with pride to give her enough time for a catnap with raising her voice sufficient for the other passengers to look back astonishingly.
I couldn't believe that she was that nagger off-cam.
After awhile she apologized for being so mean, knowing that we're professionals. If she's weren't a veteran actor we wouldn't waste time for picture taking.

A great souvenir from Baguio is to have a picture taking with the Igorot...

Different SM among the SM need to use of air conditioner at all.

Three of a kind...which above us is SM-Baguio.

Hanging out at Burnham with my cousin....

The El Kabayo of Baguio....trimmed with different colors...refused to smile 'coz of the obnoxious odor of the dung thing.

Leaning the Mansion gate's.......

The White House of the Philippines....the Mansion.

Statue of Burnham,the man behind what Baguio it is to be now....a park was named after him Burnham Park.

Baguio of Baguio's landmarks.

Freezing time at Baguio....feels like in Germany.

A giant gate that dwarf the passersby....

Enticing colors invited the visitors to come down and see the breathtaking Mines View.

landscape that captures our camera...honestly it was pretty.

Fogs wrapped the crowded slums of Baguio.....thanks to the weather it covers the eyesore sight.

At Hotel Manor...fog almost embrace the whole building.... among the destinations that we love to visit....well manicured garden made the environment more attractive.

The comfortable abode that we stayed in Baguio....

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