By Eric - 11:27 PM

I felt so down and frustrated this week...sorry, I can't bring them out in here.Sometimes,life is unfair but if I started to look up...things changed easily with a satisfying answer.I came across with this story when I checked my friendster...and I felt like posting them here...the story is posted upon the original context without changing the grammar or any errors appear in here.The story goes like this:

There was an
atheist couple who had a child. The
couple never told their daughter
anything about the Lord. One night
when the little girl was 5 years old,
the parents fought with each other and
the Dad shot the Mom, right in front
of the child. Then, the dad shot
himself! The little girl watched it
all. She then was sent to a foster
home. The foster mother was a
Christian and took the child to
church. On the first day of Sunday
School, the foster mother told the
teacher that the girl had never heard
of Jesus, and to have patience with
her. The teacher held up a picture of
Jesus and said, "Does anyone know who
this is?" The little girl said, "I
that's the man who was holding me
the night my parents died

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