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Some friends and close friends..were asking me what is Blog? why,and what did I write on my blog.
Technologically speaking,there are still people who are'nt consciously acquianted with this blog thing in the internet. They are only just familiar with Friendster,MySpace and Multiply but not on Blog.
Well, I told them verbally the reasons, here are my reasons....
This online diary contains the activities of myself.It does not tell about the mere sadness thing that I have been into everyday, but a paraphrase of events that I usually do.
I evaded to write down the sadness,but,since this is an online diary open for public viewing and reading,yet,I finally decided to include them. Recording the happenings is very essential because it would help me to pack my things as I continue my traveling this sod.
Warnings was the first caution that I told them....I don't Grammar-check, nor Spelling-Check unless time would permit me to edit the whole thing.
The journey may seems not smooth,though, the sailings bombarded with collosal storms, the trails or the footstep that I left is only a memories of the past which molded the other half of me.
It may or this may not declares the factual of my persona, the events that has been scribbled each moment will remain a records at this point of time forever.
Odds as others may describe it, to a man at my age records his life to a piece of paper or in the internet,but still I sometimes think it's horrible that you find you can never really confide in people,even in those who are near to you but to post them online.
Time's continue to run,days' changed as human too speedily.My journal online is the thoughts and expressions the better half of me.Living under extraordinary conditions,envelope with hopes and dreams, and for this reason my diary tells or would tell me much about the yesterdays & yesteryears of my life.
It rekindles me the days that I have missed or the chances that I have failed to devulge.
And for this reason too,I felt how close I am to all.This is also an appropriate monument to my fine spirit amidst of the usual failings that I have momentarily do.
Ang labo ng entry ko this time anoh??? well,I can't really write nor has the gift but I just take my chances lang kung ma develop ba.

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