By Eric - 12:23 AM

This past week was very hectic and flooded with activities,Family Night Program, to name a few, was one of our week programs.
So Sunday was the only days we can go around and relax our bodies for awhile.The only blockbuster movie I know this May flower is Spiderman-3.I have been excitedly anticipating of watching this film the moment it will come out in SM cinemas.
I had both watched the part 1 & 2,so just right after our Family Night with the Korean students,one of them invited us to watch the film.
My feeling then was ecstatic because there's no need for me to run to SM and waited for the long queue to avail seat.
Though the showing wasn't that clearly visible because it was only downloaded by our korean student,however,the least it's still good comparing to those pirated dvd's outside,yet, I save my 100pesos for the movie ticket.
The setting of the film was honestly impossible yet technically impressived.Lesson's from the film is what I am after for,lest,the story and the actions follows.
It was truly and indeed a nice one so far....it doesn't only tells about how adventurous spiderman was to save the world but the core is his relationship to his bestfriend.
I like so much the area wherein both of them never doesn't have any second thought of expressing verbally I Love You.
Too bad,his bestfriend died because he prefer to sacrifice his life for his pal spiderman.Is there such a friend nowadays who's willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of friendship? That is very serious and dangerous to ponder isn't it!

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