By Eric - 5:38 AM

This very especial design was made by Kuya Rolly...a person behind my winning.

As a humble blogger...I never expect nor thinking of receiving any Blog Awards since I don't have the gift in writing and all my ideas here were merely poor comparing to those who are what we so called Professional Bloggers.
I would like to extend my most profound gratitude to Talksmart for the nomination he made .For several weeks the competition was very tough and the competitors we're also great bloggers.
My humble attention was ecstatically surprised,when Talksmart informed me that I was nominated...At first, I was landed to 4th place and the following week 2nd place and at last A Winner and A Hall of Fame.
Glory to God in the Highest is the only thing I can say for now....of course, I would like to acknowledge the Bisdakplanet for their kind supports thru out the voting and to those people who visited my blog and cast their votes...most specially to Kuya Rolly for the 24 hours votes and with his convincing power,persuading the Bisdak community to give their support for the remaining week.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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