By Eric - 10:36 PM

One of the topics in my Man to Man class with the Koreans...was Rent-A-Family.I could not hardly believe that there is such a thing like this.
There are a number of rent-a-family companies in Japan.One in Chiba, for instance, is called Japan Efficiency Headquarters.Elderly parents often do not live with their oldest son's family, as was almost the case before the war.Further weakening the tie between parents and their grown children are the long hours the children put in at work.
Rent-A-Family companies say business is booming.Japan Efficiency Headquarters, for example, has 80 people on its waiting list.
The company's president says,"Our purpose is to fill a hole in the heart".
Not all Japanese are enthusiastic about rent-a-family companies. A Japanese professor who specializes in aging says,"Personality, it is beyond my understanding," and a Japanese sociologist says simply,"it is very sad."
And it is seriously true...good thing that we don't have that here in the Philippines...Mabuhay for the Filipinos...

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