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Through the years of my existence in this lonely world, I've never been happy celebrating my birthday.Not just for a reason that I don't celebrate it, nor I don't even have a date ( my b-day, falls every V-day of the year) but I always ended up being penniless (celebrant).
As far as my memory can possibly rekindle the circa of my teeny bopper and childhood days, I can't remember much at all how many times do I celebrated my birthday on a pomp way.
Well, it doesn't matter for me, what matters most is God extended my life again...Since it is also a V-day, many poems have been written about love, books being published inspired by love.
Just this V-day ( and my b-day as well) was enormously bad which was almost considerably a daymare for me ( if there is a nightmare, there is also a daymare..huh!) I wore my Human striped red polo, fully equipped the many faces of a teacher can be. The decision that I have made was quickly brought me to dumb in question...why?
I gave up my two classes in III-A and II-C, Sto.Domingo National High School. As in,I feel exhausted which my body can't fully recoup...that fast.
Much to my regret...though I was reluctant to give up III-A, but I have to.....words of alibis were easily pronounced by me as I talked to my Critic teacher....whew...thanks God...he accepted. Honest to goodness, I miss my III-A English class.....sorry but I don't think I have the feelings of missingness to II-C.
Needless to say, II-C were the only class section I had that gaves me so much headache.....the lowest among the Second year, the "pasaway" they were.....
Lo and behold, these two sections were back again, under the care of their English teacher Sir Serra.......hmmmm.....I'm not loaded this time....I still have three sections but that's totally tolerable for me...as in I can handle them without worrying my health at all.
Yet, I need to be devilish for these 3 sections I have.....I want them to have fear of respect to me.....at least, I won't be as wicked as I handled II-C...imagine, I threw erasers to my students at II-C who just enjoyed their talkings without listening to me...thats how I terrorized my students who dont bother to listen.
Lest,the worst thing I did in II-C, I lift and bumped the steel armchairs that created a very scrapping and annoying noise....ti, they were trembled with fear..........heaven's forbid I won't do it again...I swear to high heavens........or else my Dean would kick me out of my internship...hehehe.....well, the III-A won't hear any harsh words from me.....there was this young,lanky tall mestiza girl who feel insulted by my public corrections of her spelling of cook,lest, I called her fashion victim and lousy....
I felt sorry for her, umiyak sya because she felt like so stupid..of being mispelled the cook which she wrote "cock" and I vulgalry interpreted the word cock in two meanings that made her cried in slang term of cock "titi".
Ganun naba talaga ako ka damn strict..even the simplest mispelled...I almost cursed the girl down to the abyss................well, at least I had come to be apologetic.....
Hummmpppp..so much for that....I hate to recall that nightmares in my class in III-A and II-C. Below were letters of greetings and endearment from my kind students, at least, amidst of the terroristic approach that I used in my teaching....they still love me though.

handmade Valentine greeting from II-B

Birthday greetings from II-A

Another letter of valentine and birthday greeting

Wrapped up with love

Letter with a gift from my student in II-A

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