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Parang kaylan lang......its February na, a month of Love and a month of My Birthday.......whew....I'm getting old na nanaman.............well..I thank God for extending my life again though its not my birthday yet.
Wanna know the date of my natal day? much to my regret, I have to reveal the most confidential thing 'coz I dont let anybody to offer a song or what, but anyway......Valentine day is the day I was born......
Last night, I read a beautiful poem from a book that melted my heart...something that soothes to your heart even to the dividing soul.
So much for that, oftentimes we neglect to thank God or even set aside time to talk to Him and when adversary intrudes our lives thats the moment we cling unto Him and call for a is a beautiful poem created by Helen Steiner Rice, a very popular poetic.

By Helen Steiner Rice

Our Father knows best what's best for us

So why should we complain

We always want the sunshine

But he knows there must be rain

We love the sound of laughter

And the moment of cheer

But our hearts would lose their tenderness

If we never shed a tear.

Our Father tests us often

With suffering and with sorrow

He tests us not to punish us

But to help us meet tomorrow

So whenever we are troubled

And everything goes wrong

It is just God working in us

To make our spirit strong.

Isn't it so wonderful and touching??? is it?...when I read this poem..I felt something is wrong with me....throughout the day and nights I kept myself busy without realizing that there is Somebody up there that needs my praises..waiting for my words of endearment.
Well...I collected some pictures that somehow reminds me of the goodness of the Lord......honestly...I love nature.....the Lord speaks to me thru this wonderful piece of His.
Everyday, we used to complain why and why's....yet, He always forgives 'coz He knows whats best for us.....and I really do believe.

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