Photo Blog: Mountains of Desperation

By Eric - 9:49 PM

I haven't blogged for quite a while, mountains of desperation has eaten out all of me which most of my time has spent worrying what to do next and the right steps to take so as begging the Celestial Being to reveal His perfect plans for me. Right now, I am in constant distraught and emotionally overloaded with agony and desperation.
The groaning too deep for words and the battles is inexpressible, deep inner struggles and pain is so hard to voice out but suppressing them inside. True enough, I am not spiritually strong still, and faith slowly fading to discouragement.

Desperation is a state of despair or utter hopelessness — the abandonment of all hope. The recklessness that grows out of despair is a powerful motivator, affecting many people's actions and life choices. The spirit of man yearns to know the purpose for his life. 
Right, I am deeply surrounded by mountains of desperation where sky of hopes is vanished, replaced by gloomy clouds of anguish. Not sure how long would this desperation in life last and not sure how long would I be able to stand and go. As human being, we have our limitations and this time I won't give God any quota nor pressuring Him just like during the time of the old old Israelites. But truly, I am madly desperate. I won't go on elaborating my rebellious attitude right now, çause He indeed knows how painful it is for me to go through such agony of frustration.

Herewith, are the pics which I took the other week.

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