Unloading A Heavy Burden

By Eric - 7:11 PM

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" I will not leave you nor forsake you - Joshua 1:5 "
I have traveled down difficult roads in the midst of my 9 months stay here in Cambodia, started when I hosted a certain guy from Germany who used to be my guest back in the Philippines (I am a member of a travelers community online). Trouble came in and we started exchanging hurtful words just as the way I defended myself till in the latter, I was the one who apologized and humble myself not just because I was obliged to but because it is the right thing to do as Christian.
Yet, he's still enrage and wants me to resign so as leaving Cambodia for good out of his sight while he's still around. Long before it happens, a couple of rough occurrences had appeared startlingly as I would say enough to test my faith.
Problems didn't stop there because another hearsay circulating around from chit-chatters, which untoward my name has tried to be engaged in. With that, I have learned to be picky on choosing someone to be with around here, specially to unbelievers.
My life has been a mess with these lamentable dispute. Yet, there's a lesson to learn and that is the learning of unloading heavy burdens unto the Lord. I am constantly amazed at how much better I feel after talking to God and unpacking my heavy load.
It's enough to give me the strength re-pack it and letting God to carry it for me.

I would love to share this beautiful prayer which I got my from Devotional booklet, prior to some texts changed:

Dear Lord,
        I am so thankful to be Your child, and that You'll never leave me.
Help me to hold on to that promise when trouble seems to threaten on every side, Amen
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