The Real One's Shine So Brightly

By Eric - 9:41 PM

When we sit back and judge others we are simply saying that we are in a sense, better than them. When in fact we have no right to judge anyone, for we are all with sin. The only entity that has the capacity to judge anyone is God himself and no one else. 
Many people are infatuated with judging others, because it subconsciously boosts their confidence being able to say whether what someone else is doing or what someone else looks like is the right thing to do or the right way to look. When we pass judgment on other people we are in no way giving them a definition or a title, we are only saying things about who we identify as, such as the fact that we probably don't really have much self confidence and also that our sense of morality is distorted. Define who you are, by not judging, and instead by helping!

Everyone is guilty of the sins that we committed each day, because no one is perfect. Last year, adversary started to come in unexpectedly. Didn't know that it would hit me like a fist that somehow gave me the realization that someone you entertain along the way & treated friend in the process would be the first one who would press you down and judge you rightly without any prior understanding culturally speaking.
Human being as I am, the tendency of responding back angrily is pretty normal especially if it involves your profession, personal life and sexuality.
I don't want to go into details of elaborating the exact incident but the main point here is, we should be less judgmental. Just as the holy Scripture says: Judge not for ye shall not be judged.

I entrusted everything unto the Lord and keeping myself on bended knees to guide and keep me safe, so as praying the culprit who accused me so badly & judge me without knowing me intently.
To keep myself in tune and getting the peace of mind, I approved and embrace the counsel of the Holy Scripture.

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