Clapping Therapy

By Eric - 11:16 PM

It's been a while since I posted my last entry for 2013. The long span of bring up to date of my blog took a month I guess, and due to some chaotic problems I have had the apprise of keeping me posted here was interrupted.
My last entry had specifically explaining in detailed why it's a roller coaster ride. I haven't been confronted with so much colossal adversary overseas, except this one I have here in Cambodia. And they happened randomly.
Anyway, last Saturday I went to a Korean church which I attended Sabbath regularly, a Korean pastor shared a exceptional therapeutic suggested healing through clapping instead of relying much on medicines. Which I think, it is helpful to everyone, specially those drug dependents. Well, not me. Let me share with you what I have just learned.

Clapping Therapy

1. Clapping (50x times within 5 seconds) if you could clap your hands 50 times in a 5 seconds, meaning your healthy.
2. Fingertips clapping (50x ) it is for blurry vision, sinus and for the brain.
3. Fingers Clapping (50x) for the normal beatings of the heart.
4. Palm Clapping (30x) for digestion problems and constipation prevention.
5. Wrist Clapping (50x) for genitals.
6. Back of the Fingers Clapping (30x) Backache or backbone pains.
7. Side of the Hands (50x) Lower abdomen pain and groin.
8. Knuckles (30 to 50x) Headaches and Migraine.

Let us not rely on doctors prescription, because there are still best alternatives that won't harm us. Apart from herbs, clappings would do something that we never knew. We thought it just a clapping for appreciating someone's achievement or being gay but, you see as discoveries told us even clapping could do something.

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