Feeling Frustrated with Life

By Eric - 3:42 AM

I am just generally hugely frustrated these days the reason my blog is pretty silence since from my last post. Haven't been blogging lately when the feeling of frustrations started to come around me and at times it feels like the world is against me.
First was, I have unintentionally lost the camera I borrowed from a friend. Of course, I have to pay or pinch hit for the same model of cam that I lost. The paying wasn't really worries me big time but the idea of not retrieving  it at all and snapping the culprit.
Second, I might be so hypocrite if hadn't this atrocious motor response after of spending $230 cost of the camera that I bought for replacement. I could have sent my parents allowance by now so as enjoying my Christmas list-to-buy, of sort.
Third, my laptop has completely dead and un-useful. Didn't apprehend that it could happen earlier of the time that I am not prepared to lost something that I treasured. The biggest challenge has been started developing when I am not used to stay at home without my lappy with me regularly, with or without internet. So, I started to adapt the feeling of having not. This is the primary reason why I can't blog the regularity as I used to be. I won't be visibly seen online as frequent.
Fourth, is as always..I am broke. I wouldn't go into details of running my explanations why I am. In this life filled with frustrations, I have no other person to run to but the Most High.
I admittedly that I have refused to be in the church for some cheap and unreasonable argumentation.

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