Reposting and Reblogging: Viral Photo, Little Girl Gives Israeli Commander the Filipino version of Respect to Elders

By Eric - 12:43 AM

My country has been the center of any natural catastrophic ever since and we haven't given up, instead, we fought and face it with so much bravery and courage.
Haiyan typhoon was recorded to be the strongest typhoon so far, it is even considered as the monster storms from the Pacific.
Herewith, is a nice article that I just recently read, it became viral and quickly spread like a wildfire. It moved and touched me that I couldn't help but to spread the message of reblogging it.

Captain Assaf Diller of IDF, experiences the gesture of a Filipino tradition, “MANO PO”.A beautiful and meaningful Filipino gesture to express respect and thanks … usually given to Filipino elders … holding their hand, bowing slightly to allow their hand to touch the forehead.This photo speaks volumes in expressing the deepest respect and profound thanks to the many, many hearts that were moved to help the Philippines.

While the displaced people tried to collect the pieces of their life after the devastating Typhoon that struck and left hundreds of thousands homeless, an officer from the Israeli Home Front Command sent help to those working with the local community.
Captain Assaf Diller, a company commander of the Israeli Home Front Command, reported from the field, describing the Israeli Delegations to the Philippines’ (IDP) work with survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. They stressed that the situation is bad, that the people are hungry and mostly don’t know how to help themselves.
Thanks to the work of the Israeli mission to the Philippines, 7 out of 20 classrooms ruined by Yolanda’s wrath in Bogo City Center have been restored and 350 students were able to return to school.The Israeli mission’s premise that having the students return to school will motivate the parents to return to work and be part of the overall thrust to restart their lives and town’s economy again.

The team was working within the hospital walls, too, but they returned to the school in Bogo City Center to visit, and were glad to see the students have returned to their studies, and to see that their toil of love has paid off. The Filipino teachers explained their presence to the students. The Israeli delegation went as far as teaching the students words and songs in Hebrew which excited them more.The conference hall was the Israeli team’s last project at the school; they removed the ceiling which had collapsed so the hall could be used again. The head of the educational institution could not thank them enough and it looks like the gesture of the little girl in the photo made more impact to the IDP.He narrates: “An amazing mission with tremendous personal satisfaction. It was a difficult day and a lot of work, but the smiles of the students make it worth it.”


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