How To Smell Like Your Favorite Local Celebrity?

By Eric - 9:11 AM

I can't honestly survive without spraying a cologne or perfume in a day. Call me (a) weird but that's who I am, maybe it's because I am surrounded with people in my kin who loves to wear fragrances. I don't wear perfume or cologne to cover up any unwanted & less pleasant smells, because I honestly don't have any body odor.
Got so many reasons to explain why I do like fragrances, firstly is, it's out of my habit; for sensual delight; to be thought clean (do I am cleaned and hygienic) but the most important reason should probably be that I simply want to carry around something beautiful with me, and on me. Fragrance will accompany me throughout the day & perhaps you would agree with me on this part.
Now, if you want to know your local celebrities fragrance(s) so here it is, herewith are the lists of your faves' celebs scents which I got from a celebs link.

Searching for the vintage picture of Madam Imelda's favorite perfume was truly hard.

So, if you want to smell like your favorite local female celebrities and can afford to buy their favorite fragrances then indulge in.
Thanking the Cosmopolitan Philippines for sharing the local celebs fave fragrances on their website.

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