Local Male Celebrities Favorite Scents

By Eric - 10:31 PM

I have always loved perfumes or colognes. It would always be refreshing ( a day) when I have a spray on any of my favorite scents. Every time I go to the mall I'd always pass at the perfumery section to have a check and get some try on the tester. I don't mind if I couldn't buy new clothes or shoes so long as I have my favorite scent's fix I am fine with that.
Back then, my mother used to wear this local perfume brand called "Charlene", it was so popular before and that's where I started to love perfumes. A day wouldn't be completed without a little spritz of scents that I love whether I'm abroad or in the Philippines.
When I travel overseas, discovering local scents abroad is a must-to-do first before delving myself of going around to some touristy places.
As a perfume addict, I always have this question in mind of what do local male celebrities are wearing to keep them freshly smelled good everyday. I searched it online, googled them and here's what I got.

Erik Santos likes to wear Jo Malone for occasions and Moments for everyday. I couldn't post his favorite perfumes since every scents has its own version or flavour so to speak. So as Jericho Rosales's other favorite like Gap and Armani perfume.

Diether Ocampo likes the scent of Bond No.9, but he didn't say which version of Bond No.9 he uses.

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