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By Eric - 1:18 AM

English is a global language, we can't argue with that. Lucky I, that I was born in a speaking country, yet, it's not really our first language nor claiming ourselves as native speakers of English but then, it's our official and also a medium of instructions daily & everywhere.
As an experienced ESL teacher locally and abroad, to be proficient and fluent in all aspects is a must or else it's gonna be an abysmal embarrassment for life, especially to those Filipinos who claim and teach English abroad.
What's driven me to post this, is that at times when a foreign visitor would come to the Philippines and certainly ask about our things around in English out of their curiosities & appreciating our environments. Lo, I have thought of sharing what I've learned about when I was asked the English of "Banaba" tree, (Queen's Flower/Pride of India)
Well, here are the lists that I knew some in English which practically you could see in the Philippines and even in some parts of Southeast Asia. Thanks to Stuart for the help..really.
This may help somehow to those who are eager to learn the English translations of Philippine plants, I mean just the common plants that you could see around your backyard.

Balimbing - Star Fruit

Kamias - Pickle Tree 

Seniguelas - Spanish Plum

Alugbati - Vine Spinach

Saluyot - Jute Leaves

Kulitis - Amaranth / Chinese Spinach

Amor Seco - Love Grass

Atis - Sugar Apple

Baguio Beans - French beans / String Beans

Lato - Sea Grape  / Sea Caviar

Anahaw - Footstool Palm

Mabolo - Velvet Apple / Butter Apple

Okra - Lady's Finger / Okra

Santol - Sour Apple / Cotton Fruit

Sitaw - Yard Long Beans

Tisa - Yellow Sapote

Acacia - Rain Tree

Acacia (wild) - Soap Pod

Acacia Crassicarpa - Red Wattle / Thick-Podded Salwood

Atsuete - Lipstick Plant

Adelfa - South Sea Rose

Wild Tobacco

Sword Gave

Ash Colored Fleabane

Agoho - Whistling Tree / Iron Wood


Ringworm Bush

Artillery Plant

Asparagus Fern / Ornamental Asparagus

Emerald Fern

Headache Tree

Orchid Tree / Butterfly flower

Climbing Dayflower

Custard Apple

Chinese Wormwood

Breadfruit tree

Wild Bitter Melon


Arrowroot / Obedient Plant

Cherry Tree

Mountain Arnica

Cassia flower / Mimosa Bush / Needle Bush

American Evergreen / Arrow Leaf / Arrowhead Vine

Asoka Tree / Sorrow-less Tree 

Disclaimer: All photos were taken from Google Images and Stuart.

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