The Things I Realized About Life

By Eric - 11:06 AM

As I grow older, my perspective in life has changed a lot. I tried to be fair and mutual when things has not the way I wanted to be at all times. I guess, it is already a sign of maturity in me. Sometimes life is so hard to understand when you see it in a different angle, yet, that's the way it has to be. It is not exactly the perfection in life that matters, because nobody's perfect but the appreciation that counts.
Life isn't fair no matter how tragic the surrounding could be, still it's good. No one know's you better than your family. As always, things are not always as complicated as you make them out to be, there is always and so much to be thankful for.
Herewith, are the list of the "Things I Realized About Life" which I copied from Definitely Filipino. As I go down all the way from the list, my realizations proved me right that I need to be fair and just.



1. Reality changes. It depends on what perspective you take.
2. No one’s really objective, your experience and the people that surrounds you affect your judgment about things. People see things the way they want to see it.
3. First impression is important. It will always comes into your way. How one perceives you and how you perceive others will determine the relationship that you will have with them.
4. It is difficult to think rationally when you are emotionally involved.
5. Student life and work life are two different things. The moment you left college and started working, everything changes. College buddies will be replaced by officemates; making ends meet with your income is another thing. Your parents will be your last resort when you need money.
6. It is the way you carry yourself in all circumstances that matters. No matter what the situation is and how clueless you are in the situation that you got yourself into.
7. Know yourself. People will always be judgmental. At the end of the day, you are the only person who will answer for yourself.
8. When something screwed up, we tend to look for others to be blamed. Guess what? It’s human nature. Sometimes it is difficult for us to accept we are at fault.
9. There will always be good days that all you wanted to do all day is to laugh. Nothing can ruin your good mood. And there will always be days that even the simple things annoy the hell out of you.
10. Don’t overanalyze things. Just accept it the way it is.
11. No matter how good your intentions are, people will have good and bad interpretation of what you have done.
12. Don’t generalize. You might be surprised about the thing called “individual differences”.
13. Dream big. You’ll never know how important it is until it happened.
14. History repeats itself.
15. Power changes everything. People will do everything just for power.
16. It is the way you deliver your message that changes everything.
17. You’ve got to know a person first before you can judge his character.
18. What you sow, you reap.
19. Everything happens for a reason.
20. There is always hope. Even if the situation couldn’t get any worse.
21. Don’t dwell on your problem too much. Sometimes fate has its own way of solving it.
22. Destiny comes into the way, but it also needs your consent before it happens.
23. Age is a number when you started working.
24. When you do not conform with other people’s opinions, they would presume that you are weird or a deviant.
25. It’s not good to compare yourself with others but sometimes it will push us to do better, strive harder and be competitive.
26. When you were a fresh graduate, all you wanted was to have an experience and as you grow older, you realized that money plays a vital role in one’s job.
27. There are always two sides of the coin.
28. Hurt,betrayal and disappointment are part of life.
29. You can forgive, but it is hard to forget.
30. Don’t argue with your boss. After all, no one wins an argument with the boss.
31. Sometimes it is hard to be happy for someone else’s success. It only highlights your weaknesses.
32. Positivism and realism are two different things.
33.Don’t take everything personally. Sometimes, people are just too caught up with their own problems to be aware of their actions.

(Texts owned by Definitely Filipino)

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