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Sorry for not writing a couple of days, been hectic of thinking what to do. Yeah, thinking what to do really keeps me busy and giving me a lot of stress.
Just giving you a tidbits story about what was and what is going on around me lately, and recently.
Since I became a member of Couch Surfing site,(thanks to fella blogger James) a community site for backpackers who wish to meet fellow travelers around the sphere and ask for a place to stay by freely while on travels and so on and so forth,etc that get me addicted.
Well, I began to join last November and so I am a kindda of new and neophyte of sort - browsing what's going on around and what is it all about.
Just realized that its about hosting a place or surfing around with people that you like to be with while on trip. Hmmm, since its about traveling and meeting other people from different countries that ignited my interest.
So,I decided to host with the permission of my pal Joeper(thanks Joep). The first traveler who stayed with us was from Indonesia who travels around neighboring countries of Thailand. I learned about his story of traveling to Cambodia which I long before(think of Ankhur Wat).
He stayed with us a short of time and I was his constant companion going around of Bangkok.
Before he left Thailand, I was on call to visit Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for a business trip(was it the right term?). Was pretty excited when I got a message from the owner of the school that I'm applying for a teaching job in Europe to fly to Malaysia to work out on my visa there.
I flew in Saturday evening by bus without any preparations what to do and what should I was going to bring of course aside from the requirements that needed but you see, I didn't even have the chance of asking people I know about the "where, how, what".
In short, I made my way to Malaysia by bus. It was a very exciting trip because another country on the list. On my way to Malaysia, I saw the beautiful nature of the countryside and its spirit of saving the trees.
I reached Kuala Lumpur 9 in the evening and slept in Sengalore another neighboring city of KL. Good heaven that I have a friend back in College days working in Malaysia so as it wasn't hard for me where to stay.
Seeing the pride and symbols of Malaysia's power and its strength the Petronas tower truly gave me the signal of I've been to Malaysia.
Going around the capital city wasn't hard since the people there really speaks the English language. I appreciated Malaysia because they tried to maintain the cleanliness around them, obeying the traffic rules, preserving trees and getting the business up as one of Asia's progressive countries.
Well, I am letting my pictures to speak now, so much blah blah and blah and in case, just in case it will also give you birds eye view where to and the tourist spots in KL.

A Hindu girl at the temple..

Bride and a groom on Hindu traditional wedding.

Long stairs way up to the cave.

At Batu Cave, a haven of the Hindus in Malaysia.

My dear friend Rolly Bantan at his work place in Sengalore Malaysia.

One of the public transportations in Kuala Lumpur - Monorail.

Another pic of me with the Petronas tower

Me standing small in front of the tower.

The tallest twin towers in the world, Petronas tower and the symbols of power as well.

Clean and beautiful scenery of Malaysia.

Among the beautiful nature that you'll along the way to Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Kid that I played on the bus.

The bus that I boarded going to Malaysia.

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