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Genting Highlands in Malaysia is a resort and recreational located up in a mountainous area of Kuala Lumpur.
I'd no idea that there's such a thing about this resort along the outskirt of the capital city, till I met fellow Filipinos in Kuala Lumpur suggested me to visit this place before I left Malaysia.
The resort doesn't only provides recreational for kids and family, but it has hotels and casinos to those who love to stay and be rejuvenated of the crispy cooling weather.
The place is just one hour away from the capital city by bus. There are ticketing offices around Kuala Lumpur for local visitors and foreigners wish to enjoy their stay in the country.
When I went there it was a bad timing I guess. The weather wasn't that favorable that time. It kept on raining so as the highlands was covered with fog and it was freezing that I didn't even bring any jackets to keep me warm. I couldn't see much of the magnificent views so as some of the rides were closed because of the bad weather.
There are two ways of getting up to the resort itself by bus directly drive you up and a skyway cable car that is so fast and that will take 30 minutes, imagine the distance of the hilltop city is 4 km. down to the bus station. I was shaking when I got off alone and the skyway cable started to fly up over the thick forest of the area.
Genting Highland is a hilltop city with its magnificent view overlooking the breathtaking views of Malaysia with its preserve forest.

IMG_1143A welcome sign for visitors.

genting-highlandsSkyway cable going up to the resort.(source:

IMG_1140Skyway cable car station.

IMG_1146Signs and guides..

IMG_1141Italian inspired sculpture at the hotel.

IMG_1164Pathway going to the theme park.

IMG_1162Lobby of the hotel.

IMG_1163At the theme park area.

IMG_1147One of the fine restaurants in Genting.

IMG_1148Vietnamese resto.

IMG_1149A Venice inspired canal.

IMG_1170A bus station in front of the colorful hotel.

IMG_1167Views that you'll see down of Genting resort.

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