By Eric - 6:55 AM

Since I bought my own Canon camera as a self-gift, taking pictures or let say photography has been a sort of my fave hobby.
I realized that taking photos of nature specifically is a self reflection and appreciating God's creation by just a matter of clicking and a lens. Dreaming of having a DSLR type of camera is always a desire with the hope I could start my own photography with a high standard of effects and quality.
As a beginner, I start studying of my own the different angles and its curve based on my own standard and tastes in taking pictures according to the subject. I can see the great art of taking photos specially around Thailand.
The other day, I went to the King's garden alone thinking of nature communing and contemplating for a while.
The King's garden is big in terms of its surrounding, it is built dedicated to the King himself.
The area was wide with a man made lake where everyone can make their own picnic with a well manicured gardens bloom with so much flowers around that soothes your weary heart.

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