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August 12 was Queen Sirikit's birthday and so it was holiday paying tribute to the most loved Queen of Thailand. And it happened that it fell on Thursday which was on the midweek so the Government announced Friday as holiday too down to week end.
Just right after my class in the afternoon I headed down to Bangkok to see new friends whom I just met in Bangkok. Pretty excited as I was awaiting for that four days no classes, I finally gave in to my friends invitation to come along with them at Dream World. It's Thailand biggest amusement park or Theme park.
Honestly, I am not much into amusement part or recreational park which I prefer land marks and historical places...well, something more on nostalgic and something that tells about the country per se'.
Since majority of my new friends wanted to spend the holiday at Dream World, and I was hesitant to say yes 'coz I was and I am on strictly saving a little monetarily.
Well, though the weather wasn't that good that time, we still went there and enjoyed the rides that I didn't dream of.
Dream World is a theme park which caters to both young and young at hearts :-) Most of the people who visit this place are students and families.One huge complex with lots of fun rides to try.
However, some of it were a bit scary and really puke you out..but I was enjoying myself specially to that one ride that I hated most..Hurricane.
So, here goes the pictures that we took there....indulge.

The entrance part of the park.

New friends whom I just met in Bangkok.

At the gate of the park.

A solo of myself before we went in.

Just at the heart of the park.

A Disneyland inspired...

Enjoying our picture taking before we splurged on.

Trying to get a bite..was already hungry then.

The rides that I hated most..however, managed to get on and partly enjoying.

Preparing ourselves before we were thrown out and shout at the top of our lungs.

Among the faves of mine..the Vikings..that's where my name was taken.

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