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I am posting another photos about my visits to an important place in Bangkok. Visiting Wat Pra Kaew-The Emerald Buddha was an inspiring one so to speak, because I've been to this place but never get the chance of going inside around the compound since foreigners or tourists has to pay for the entrace fee. The fee was truly big for a teacher like me who just receiving a meager salary.
The temple is surrounded with concrete blocks avoiding intruders and enemies to get in during the old times.
Wat Pra Kaew is only adjacent to Wat Pho temple where the reclining buddha is located. Everytime I like to hit Wat Pho for relaxing, I always hoping that I could get inside without paying the entrance fee and see those wonderful temples around Wat Pra Kaew.
For my first attempt, the Tuk-tuk(tricyle in Philippines)that I got on dropped me rightly infront of the gate for Thai visitors or worshippers, but the guard on duty held me in my arms by pointing his finger towards to the main gate where the foreigners and tourists went in. Of course, I went inside and tried to get some photos and without any question I went directly to the entrance going to the temple which another person guarding the entrance asking me to buy a ticket.
To make it short, I attempted to get in to the gate for the second time pretending to be Thai but I was failed and recognized a foreigner.
To good to be true, our school thought of visiting Wat Pra Kaew as part of the educational places that our students should see which majority of them didn't know about the importance of this beautiful temple nor get the opportunity of seeing it personally.
Herewith is a bit description of the temple:

Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (officially known as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram) is regarded as the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand. Located in the historic centre of Bangkok, within the grounds of the Grand Palace, it enshrines Phra Kaew Morakot (the Emerald Buddha), the highly revered Buddha image meticulously carved from a single block of jade. The Emerald Buddha (Phra Putta Maha Mani Ratana Patimakorn) is a Buddha image in the meditating position in the style of the Lanna school of the north, dating from the 15th century AD.
Raised high on a series of platforms, no one is allowed near the Buddha except HM the King. A seasonal cloak, changed three times a year to correspond to the summer, winter, and rainy season covers the statue. A very important ritual, the changing of the robes is performed only by the King to bring good fortune to the country during each season. The temple is beautifully decorated and has a great sense of peace about it

Standing in front of the Chinese inspired god.

With Thai teachers and our students..

Hallway of Wat Pra Kaew temple.

Another giant Pagoda at Wat Pra Kaew.

The biggest Pagoda at Wat Pra Kaew.

Unminding the heat..just to get a photo shot.

Mini temples at the background.

Holy temple at Wat Pra Kaew.

A temple Under renovation...

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