CULTURE SHOCK-most depressing feeling

By Eric - 8:41 PM

Coming and teaching in Thailand wasn't a serious pivotal plan, just as its the only poor 3rd resort I reserved when hitting USA or China fails.
Right now, I am still in the brinks of culture shock. Weighing myself in every nook of the situations in order to adapt the country.
I thought it would be easier for me to get used to a country which is only an Asian neighboring country of the Philippines.
To my surprise,I felt a total naive ignorantly when my feet started to thump on the Siam soil, without knowing what to do and what's happening around. Just like a blind grappling in the midst of the dark without direction.
Honest to goodness, traveling or working abroad is a tenacious desire since I am purely surrounded with US immigrant kins and friends,which is up to now a wish to be granted,hopefully.
My heart is reluctant to show its feelings of agitation which to be in Thailand is a fulfillment of my long desire or not.
Hence, journeying to USA is still on the highest level of my dreams. It doesn't matter though if its not an English speaking countries so long I could make a conquering quest to the land of the blondes and white.( do I sound like a racist? don't get me wrong please, I hate segragation)its just that they have the nicest and progressive countries on earth.
Frankly, I'd have to say my dreams isn't fulfilled yet so as the God would give me the chance to see America or the countries that I long to see.
When I arrived at Bangkok (new) International Aiport it occured to me that Thailand is technologically progressive than Philippines. The airport is so big and centralized comparing to that our new terminal.
I was really stunned when we got on to a taxi which was a right hand drive. The city itself is not as dirty like in Manila.They don't horn their cars, no smoke belching and not reckless driving.Got the chance to see Bangkok for 5 days because the school wants me to obtain a working visa, which the system in the immigration was really confusing and bad. A few of them can speak English, really.
During halloween, they celebrated it differently from the rest of the world like the usual we do.Its one of their big festival which was a cleansing of the soul by floating small flower boat made of banana or improvised one.
I watched how they celebrated it and its noisy to be exact but tolerable.

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