By Eric - 9:14 PM

Sorry for the long blog absent...I failed to write something because my time was occupied with so many things. Now, I am back and updating it once again about the recent happenings of my life.
I didn't expect that the first country that I was about to visit is Thailand.It never popped out just as my plan would be either in USA or China.
When a sudden call came from Thailand, I was hesitant at first to accept the call since it's not my target.
I prayed hard and was asking signs from the Lord, believing that it was really God's will.All my things were packed up just as preparing myself for the new environment that I am going to throd.
As I was heading to the airport with friends to accompany me, I never felt the excitement nor the happiness since I knew that I am leaving for a country that I never prayed so hard nor asking God for it that much.
When Cebu Pacific airline touched down the airport,my feelings was like backing out and going home to the Philippines.
The emotions of homesickness hit me like a fist while we were driving to Bangkok to get a rest for a while since I arrived almost 12 midnight.The excitement had never visited me so as I didn't appreciate much of my coming here in Thailand.
After all, I thank God for giving me the chance to see the other side of the world though it didn't reach my expectations.I hate to complain at all to the Lord because He has been so good to me.
The place where I am staying right now is located at the northern part of Thailand, 3 hours from Bangkok by van and 41/2 by bus. I felt more frustrated when none of them can't understand my English nor nobody from the place could talk to me except the Thai English teachers with their awful lucid English, but for the high school students it drained my strength so badly.
To be in Thailand wasn't a dream to me since I am always wishing to be in the country of blondes and white people, especially in the English speaking countries. I knew God works in a mysterious ways but sometimes my human understanding isn't deep enough to comprehend His ways.
My first day of teaching was so terrible so as on the second day since I can't fully extend my horizon on how to tickle them.Nevertheless, I am already here but still praying that God would send me home.

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