By Eric - 12:48 AM

Was blog absent for a while..decided myself to be in the hiatus for a couple of days since I was occupied with tutorial works so as my monetary budget was out..then. Now, I am back and love to share things more of me.
When you see the face of a person smiling, just as the sunshines in the sky shows the world that one feels happy and the moods is soaring high.
Most of the times, I feel so very sad and really don't know why, maybe its because I am struggling & grappling still attaining my dreams. Friends would just jokingly said, its a matter of tuning yourself through different frequencies of life; go with the flow of the current where it leads you.
Life is like a river continuous procession moving forward in a steady stream. Sometimes the flowing is rough when it isn't too deep. One of the reasons why I am sad its because halfway of my friends and acquaintances were already gone abroad and some of which were expecting me to be at the other side of the world already, grazing the greenest pasture.
I have thought occasionally that I was born unlucky, deprived by fate. Albeit failed a hundred times or so I am still firmly determined to try with the hope fortune would give its damn way. As luck would have it, my spirited heart has resolved the simpler form of acceptance, so long as the world continue to revolve around the axis there is still hope.
As the song goes " beyond the dark cloudy nights, the sun is shining through".I would have retired my fate if God would leave me just as it is..but I believed He won't do that to a special creature like me.

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