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I got this old pic in the 80's at the site of George Dewey High School mentioning of Olongapo wasn't only a place of clubs, bars, discos, and sex workers but also fine dinings around the city itself.
This pic was featured in the GDHS newspaper a school intended for Americans who were living in the Base at that time.Of course, it was contributed by GDHS students news journalist.
Olongapo was then considered as the sin city because of its prostitutions and American G.I.Joes seeking for pleasure when they had their cruisers docked in the Subic, but thanks to this newspaper for saving Olongapo from the shameful mockering of prejudice and shallow minds.

Way back then, Magsaysay was the famous street in Olongapo because its the center of entertainment and the bridge that connects the main gate of Subic Naval Base and the main city Olongapo.If you are a nocturnal fellows and wants to have the best nightlife in the Philippines, Magsaysay was the little Las Vegas back then...clubs, discos for old and for young, bars you name it and Magsaysay had it.
My family were able to survive the pangs of poverty because most of my kins income were coming from the nightly pleasure(don't get me wrong of this term) of Magsaysay. Magsaysay Ave.as we called it now for it was the center and the source of Olongaponians bread and butter.It was fun & lively then comparing it today,the streets were filled beautiful workers and snowied with Americans.
I had a lot of sweet memories in Magsaysay where I used to hang out at my brother's work watching the latest videos while sipping coke.
Across Magsaysay is a long boulevard facing Subic Naval Base, which is a volunteers park now was among of my fave places in Olongapo.I just usually found myself staring at that Base filled with dreams and hopes that one day soon,I could live and be a part of the Americans.That's how so simple my happiness way back then,to be in Subic Naval Base which was already an America for me.Nostalgic as it may seems but my heart is still flashing back the good old memories.

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