By Eric - 10:17 PM

Those who grew up and spent their teen-agers life in the 80's just like me, I guess you have the reasons to remember these videos way back then.
Its proclaiming that the youth is the hope and future of this world...that the new generation is people's tomorrow.
This commercial jingle was advertised by Coke drinks choosing young people of the 80's as the next ones who will build the future...I truly missed this commercial..truly brings me back in time again.Too bad to recall, that I considered myself then as tomorrow's people but I haven't proven myself to the world as the new inspiration,and a new builder for the coming Gen X.


I am the future of the world
I am the hope of my nation
I am tomorrow"s people
I am the new inspiration
And we've got a song to sing for you
We've got a message to bring to you
Please let there be, for you and me,
A tomorrow (tomorrow)
If we all can agree
There" ll be sweet harmony
Tomorrow (tomorrow)
If we all will be there to share
Feelings so real and so true
Promise us tomorrow
And we""ll build a better world for

This one was shown using our very own version led by Lilet....the former teen star singer back then.

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