By Eric - 6:19 PM

Each day that you live is like turning the page of a book that still has no end. One whole day is a continuation of the story that makes up your life.
I've been away for a quite sometimes and was unable to update my blog since I'm getting addictive of Facebook farmtown games so as the Twitter.It's already the month of September which the signs of Christmas started to fill our days with the coolness of the weather.Ber(as in September, October, November) has been the starting point of Christmas in the Philippines though it isn't visibly clear but you can feel it the blowing of the air that gently touches your face coldly.
Sadness won't leave me peacefully since counting the year 2009 is becoming a months now yet nothing happens in my life worth to be counted of.
I have a couples of applications that was sent and under evaluation by now which is a good opportunity (from) abroad.My fingers is crossed tightly that somehow the Celestial Being would be kind enough to me this year...I really need to get out of the island before the year ends.
My journey as I grow older is the process of knowing who I am, then recognizing my strengths, and limitations, and finally realization would proved me that no matter how I dream big still its a grain of dreams after all.
Sometimes my knees shake painfully, too tired of fighting the same reasons and goal yet nothing happens...Honestly, familiar faces whom I know which some of them are younger than me successfully making their way abroad that brings so much pain and tears in my life, why they have the good chance to work abroad yet I can't?
Signs isn't enough to be appreciated that opportunity is on its way to my door ready to be grasped...I had enough signs..so enough for it...I want answers that would satisfied my long questions.

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