By Eric - 10:39 PM

The man for whom time stretches out painfully is one waiting in vain, disappointed at not finding tomorrow already continuing yesterday.
Theodor Adorno

Life comes in unexpected ways,the unwavering and phenomenal time hibernates rapidly.The changes of the world sometimes awestruck us dumbfounding as if the world is racing up with the time.
From the far stretched land of this universe,it always instill in my mind that dreams do come true.
Honestly,the future is an enigmatic issue for me.Worrying much about my dreams and ambition,usually brings me in the stillness of temporary inaction,lingering the time.
I always anticipate greater adversaries as I dream that would definitely defile my spirited beings to dream.Some dreams may fall unexpectedly into depression for being jobless or ended up into a mediocre job with meager salary.
However, the depression might reach its end,but the controversy where I was sandwiched in,would still prevail.
I am certain that every step I march on that red-carpeted path would definitely mean that no matter how I struggle much and extend my effort still an impossibility of the possibility.
The future looks bleak that brought loneliness in my heart...would I still continue my star gazing and dreaming? How long would I dream? Sometimes,streamline of tears goes down to my check as I was looking up the clear blue sky.
With a frustrating government and economic crisis that really feels nostalgic about life,continually telling myself I never had a dream come true...

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