By Eric - 11:09 PM


Considering the years I have been blogging(since 2005 and counting) from my old blogsite to blogspot there's something mutually beneficial and exciting in blogging.
My relationship with the blogosphere is akin to a romance where one fuels the others growth.
Since then,new discoveries were being discovered both the writings and the bloggers itselves.I gain more friends and even exchanging links that usually became my favorite place online to visit.Checking their blogsites increases more of my ideas how to write.
Guess what? in all my time of blogging,I learned more about myself from learning from fellow bloggers.In my very own life,I found the courage to find the freedom,leave my comfort zone and make major life changes so I could be as happy as I truly deserved to be.
No one is more fun and fearless than voicing out your inner thoughts in blogging.There are times that absenting in blogging is inevitable but the journey of discovery is a new way of enjoying life just as it is.
This is my other way of discovering things from the outside world...there are so many things that you'll discover online that meltdown the boredom in life.

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