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Living in this world involves walking,journeying and wandering...sometimes the travel passes to the crooked roads from the pit down to the abyss.
It is an introspective musings on life..
I just love to share this Musings which I got from my church...hope you can relate and understand fully what it takes to be in this world...and its purpose.

Life is a journey.On various occasions,a Christian is asked to make a stand on issues that unknown to him that effects a lifetime influence on others.Often the challenge is on his stand against the strong tide of popular opinion.It puts him to a test on whether he would succumb to the pressures of the crowd or he would choose to follow the narrow path that God has perfectly designed for him.
If one person decides against engaging on earthly pleasures and heed God's commands,certainly,God will open opportunities for his life to leave an impact that will send ripples far beyond measure.
A Christian must not lose his peculiar identity of being the child of God;instead he must be an exemplar in thought,in words and in actions.
It is never an easy task.It takes a courageous heart to set the pace and salt the world with a positive Christian influence.God is looking for thermostats responsible for regulating and stabilizing the temperature in its environment.He does not need a thermometer that adapts and adjust to the temperature of its surroundings.
When you come to the crossroads of your life's journey,what do you choose to be: a thermostat for God or a thermometer for the world?
(Disclaimer: taken from Salt Shaker by Joyosthie B.Orbe )

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